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Credit Card Payment Application

Shop Name THC

This payment will be charged under the name "0570-035556paycallmark" or "0570-666678yksl" or "DDG" on your credit card bill.

Shop URL
Shop Contact 03-6427-8921
Price yen Ex. 12300 *Numeric only
Card Holder Name Ex. JOHN SMITH

You may not use a credit/debit card of any family member.

Credit Card Number Ex. 1234567891234567 *Numeric only

We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard.

Expiry Date Ex. 12 / 2020
Security Code Ex. 123 *Numeric only

Security Code is the 3 or 4 digit number printed on the back side or surface of your credit card.

Age Ex. 45 *Numeric only

Please note that you may be held civilly or criminally liable for misrepresenting your age.

Phone Number Ex. 0001234567 *Numeric only
E-mail Address Ex.

A Payment Confirmation email will be sent to you when your payment has been approved.

By clicking "Confirm" you hereby confirm that you have read and consented to our privace policy below.

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Please note that a detailed investigation will be conducted for any suspicious non-credit card holder usage (including using family member's card) or any other fraudulent use.In case the web site operator or credit card holder report to the police or other authorities, SURELINKS may disclose information required for such investigations. stolen or forged cards is an illegal act.

Handling of Personal Information
  • -The personal information that you provided shall only be used for processing/authorising the on-line settlement of your purchase and for communication and identity confirmation purposes.
  • -We will transmit the email address and telephone number data provided by you to the company that sells the merchandise or provides the services that you have purchased for the purpose of customer identification and customer management.
  • -For inquiries, complaints and requests related to the handling of personal information (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, revision/addition/deletion or refusal to provide personal information, etc), please contact our Personal Information Inquiry Desk as shown at the bottom.
  • -The personal information that you provided shall be supplied to the credit card company that you used and shall be stored in our company for a period of 7 years from the date of settlement.
  • -We have set up a helpdesk to respond to any complaints related to our handling of personal information as follows.